Cracking the Driving Test in Chandigarh

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Cracking the Driving Test in Chandigarh

Getting a regular driving license in Chandigarh is a hectic process where you start from getting a learner’s license first and then giving driving test for regular license at Children Traffic Park in Sector 23 for being eligible to apply for a regular license. You can apply for a regular driving license only after holding a learner’s license. The time frame for applying for regular license after getting learner’s license is between 30 days to 6 months.

What pumps up the frustration is getting failed in the driving test. Believe it or not, but the policemen on duty there just needs a reason to eliminate you and send you out of the test and mark you as FAIL! Nearly everyone fails in the first attempt and there are people who have given around 5-6 attempts too for passing. The main reason for failing in the first attempt is that the people aren’t probably aware about the track and the things which the police judges there when you drive. If you’re going for a driving test for regular license soon, then do read this article fully and carefully for the whole process that is involved there.

The Process

You reach there as per the timings given on your learning license with the file completed for regular driving license. There is a line in the ground which finally reaches to a wooden desk. You need to stand in that queue to get serial no. for yourself for giving the test and signing in register.

Once you’re done with this, candidates are called one by one for giving the test according to their serial no. The driving test is merely a 5 minute process!

The Driving Test

#1 As the test starts, the very first thing the instructor asks you is to park your car in reverse position. The right side of the road has poles. You need to steer the vehicle in the opposite direction and then reverse it to park it between those poles.

#2 Once you’ve done this successfully in first attempt, you’re instructed to go ahead and drive on the track. You’re advices to drive at the medium pace of between 15-20 km during the whole process.

The Path

Hold on the Reverse Gear!

As you process the very first thing is a left turn with a yellow blinking light. At this point, give the indicator to turn to the left side and take the vehicle real slow because its a yellow blinking light so you’re advised to move slow.

The blinking yellow light

You’ll now be crossing the road below the flyover. Then there is a curvy road which finally turns again to the left side. Do use indicators whenever turning.

The Red Light

As you proceed, there is a red light there. You need to stop there! Ensure that you don’t stop over the zebra crossing. The police man standing there will tell you to proceed. That’s when you should move ahead.

U-Turning the Round About!

You’ll see a small roundabout ahead which you need to take a u-turn from.

The Red Light Again!

As you take the u-turn you’ll get back to the red light again. The police man here will signal you to take left. Give indicator! and turn left.

The tricky U-Turn!

The tricky u-turn is where MOST of the people fail. The reason behind this is that the concrete ground there is too small for any car to take a u-turn successfully in the first go and if you’re planning to get your vehicle in the reverse gear – YOU FAILED! What you need to do here is to forget about the concrete ground and take your vehicle down to the kacha road as to take a u-turn successfully.

The Red Light again! :P

You’re back to the red light. If you’ve done well, the policeman will tell you to take left and get out of the track. Hurraaahhhh you cleared the test! If you did something wrong, he will tell you to go straight and get out of the track :/ YOU FLUNKED. If he tells you to continue then the show is on baby!

The sharp V-Turns!

There are sharp v-turn. One is a left one and then the right one. If you’re giving test for motorcycle. Make sure that you take these turns without making contact between your feet and ground as to show perfection of balance.

The Flyover!

After this you proceed to cross the flyover and come out of the track. You pass if you do this!

Things to keep in mind!

1. Use indicators at appropriate turns

2. Make sure that your vehicle carries ‘L’ number plates both in front and rear side of the vehicle. P.S – they just need a reason to fail you

3. Give the test with shear confidence.

Good Luck!

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